Kennedy Shepard Is Already Breaking Records

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Kennedy Shepard Is Already Breaking Records

Kennedy Shepard not only loves to run track, but she LOVES to win.  She gives her all at every practice and track meet because she expects nothing less than winning.

The results speak for itself.  At the Edmonds School District Middle School Championships, Shepard ran the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters, placing 1st place in each one.

Kennedy is not only winning her races, but she’s BREAKING RECORDS!  Her personal records in her events are as follows: 12.71 in the 100 meters, 26.19 in the 200 meters, and 101.5 in the 400 meters.

Photography by Wes Love from Raw Images

Shepard is already running faster than high schoolers as an eighth grader, so she expects to break more records when she enters high school.  She definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

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