Kesley Love Graduates High School With A State Medal

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Kesley Love Graduates High School With A State Medal

The WIAA 2A /3A /4A State Track and Field Championship was hosted at Mount Tahoma High School Stadium on May 28th.  It was a cloudy Saturday with on and off light drizzle and heavy rain throughout the day.

It was the last event of the State Championship track meet, the 4x400 meter relay.  Kesley Love was the second runner on the Meadowdale High School girls 4x400 relay.  The 3A girls relay teams were headed to the start line to compete for the gold.  Meadowdale High School was in lane 6. 

Photo by Wes Love from Raw Images

Tresley Love, the younger sister of Kesley, was the first runner on the relay.  All season, she has been consistent with giving her team a least a 50 meter lead, and Kesley has been consistent with maintaining the lead and even opening the gap at some competitions.  But the Love sisters are aware that this is the state championship and they expect competition this time.

The first leg runners took their marks and the gun fired.  Tresley broke the stagger fast and put the Meadowdale Mavericks in first, with competition close behind.  Kesley received the baton from her sister and dashed off to stay in the competition pack.  The Meadowdale girls relay placed 6th in the WIAA 3A girls 4x400 relay state championship.

Kesley Love is proud to graduate high school with a state medal.  We know she has a bright future ahead of her!

Photos by Wes Love from Raw Images

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