Tresley Love Wins 3A Girls State Championship in 400 Meters

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Tresley Love Wins 3A Girls State Championship in 400 Meters

Tresley Love in the lead to claim the 3A girls state championship in the 400 meters.

Photo by Wes Love from Raw Images Photography

It was Saturday at Mount Tahoma High School Stadium.  The sky was filled with gray clouds providing light drizzle to heavy rain throughout the day.

But it was the final day of the 2022 WIAA 2A /3A /4A State Track & Field Championship, and student athlete Tresley Love from Meadowdale High School was not going to let cold and rainy weather get in her way of winning her first State Championship in the 3A girls 400 meters.

The final 3A 400 meter girls walked to their lanes to take their marks and get set in their blocks.  Love was in lane 4, choosing not to start with blocks.  Earlier in the season, she stated that she stopped using blocks in the 400 meters when she ran her fastest time without them, a 56.56.

The gun fires, and Love gets a fast start as she easily puts distance between her competitors during the first 150 meters.  Never looking back, she finishes strong across the finish line to win the State Championship in the 3A girls 400 meters with a time of 57.00.

Tresley Love on the 1st place medal stands at the WIAA State Championship for the 400 meters

Photo by Wes Love from Raw Images Photography

“How does it feel to be a state champ?”

“It feels really good, my goal is just to run to win” says Love.

Tresley won four medals at State this year: 1st in the 400 meters, 6th in the 4 x 400 meter relay, 7th in the 200 meters, and 8th in the 100 meters.

She is a junior in high school and plans to be back at the state championships her senior year.

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